The 2nd operates a uniform recycling scheme. No waste, lower costs for parents, funds for the 2nd!

Three weeks before the end of each term, you will see a reminder from the Group to consider offering your no-longer-required uniform to the Group. A drop box is provided in the hut, just inside the door to the main hall for parents to deposit their uniform with a name label (and email address) on each item of clothing. We will notify parents of specific dates and times when the uniform will be available for inspection either at the end or the beginning of term. 


Uniform will be sold by the Group at 50% of the current Scout Shop RRP, with half of the proceeds being paid to the donor (ie they get 25% of list price). The Co-ordinator will notify the donor by email and ask for bank details for a transfer. If you want the Group to enjoy all the proceeds, just deposit the item without a label.

Purchasers will be advised that they are obliged to remove all badges other than the membership badge, the county/district badge and the 2nd Harpenden name strip before attending a meeting, and that scarves may not be worn at a meeting until the young person is invested.


The group reserves the right to dispose of any uniform that it considers unsaleable or which has become obsolete. The group will not communicate with donors other than to distribute any payment. Lost property uniform will be added to the stock after the last meeting of each term.

Parents wanting uniform at other times can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the Co-ordinator will liaise accordingly.


The scheme is strictly for official uniform and the Co-ordinator will not be expected to deal with requests for sale of other items such as boots, camping equipment, hoodies and t-shirts.