The Beaver Colony is led by a team of Beaver Scout Leaders (BSLs) with support from time to time from Young Leaders who are participating in the Duke of Edinburgh young leaders scheme. The leaders are also assisted by parent helpers on a rota basis.

Beavers start in the term after they are 6 years old. They stay in Beavers until the term before they are 8.

The Colony has between 18 and 24 Beavers, and they are split into Lodges.  The Colony meets weekly on a Wednesday evening at the 2nd Scout HQ.  We start at 6:00pm (prompt, so arrive not before 5.50pm), and the evening usually ends at 7:00pm. Organised excursions and visits will have varying start and finish times.



  • Beaver Scouts are the youngest section of the Scouting family. Their activities are based around making things, outdoor activities, singing, playing games, going out on visits, investigating nature, listening to stories, learning how to be safe and most importantly, making new friends


Beaver Scout Promise

  • I promise to do my best
  • To be kind and helpful
  • And to love God


Beaver Scout Motto

  • Be Prepared



  • We have some simple ceremonies to celebrate beavers joining and moving on from the colony, and we like to celebrate the badges beavers earn as a mark of achievement.


The Beaver Section Programme

  • Within the Colony, we follow the Scout Association's programme for the Beaver Section.  The programme consists of a range of activities, which we aim to cover when planning it using a variety of methods. In addition there are a very large number of badges and awards which Beavers can gain (see section on Badges later in this handbook).


Joining the Colony

  • Before you are truly a member of the Beaver Colony you must be invested.  This is an important occasion when you will make the Beaver Scout Promise - this is the same promise that every Scout, Explorer and Adult takes when they join the Scout Movement.  Before you are invested, you will also need to buy your Beaver uniform (see section on Uniform).


Colony Night

  • Our regular Colony night takes place on a Wednesday evening.  We start at 6:00pm - please arrive on time so we can start the meeting promptly. Beavers must NOT arrive before 5:50pm and MUST be brought into the hut by an adult, not left in the car park. This also applies to outside events – Beavers must be delivered to the meeting place. If there is a meeting away from the Hut, Beavers MUST arrive on time at the meeting place as we WILL leave promptly. 2 Leaders must be present before you can leave your child either at the hut or at an event.


The meeting starts with a formal gathering.  If you are late, please wait by the Kitchen until this is finished.


Each week, we will have a combination of games and activities. Sometimes we will have speakers come to talk to us. Sometimes we will go to visit places. Towards the end of the meeting some notices may be given out, and Beavers will be dismissed around 7.00pm.


Beavers will be collected by an Adult. If someone else is collecting your child, make sure everyone knows (including the Beaver). Leaders don’t deliver uncollected Beavers!


Of course, sometimes the activity for a particular week cannot follow this format, especially if we are going to be away from the hut.  If we will be meeting at a different place or time to usual, an email with the details will be emailed out a week or two before.  If you miss a week or don't get an email, make sure you find out from a friend or from one of the leaders what is going on!