We have two Scout Troops:

Great Gable meet on a Monday night

Snowdon meet on a Wednesday night

The two troops operate a common programme, and regularly get together as a double troop.


Each Scout Troop is led by a team of Scout Leaders (SLs) supported by Young Leaders from time to time.  The leaders are also assisted by parent helpers where the activity requires additional help.

Scouts enter from Cubs or the big outside world at the start of the term in which they are 10½ years old. They stay in Scouts until the term before they are 14½.

Each Troop has between 20 and 30 Scouts, and they are split into Patrols.  We start at 7:30pm (prompt so do not arrive before 7:20pm), and the evening usually ends at 9:15pm. Organised excursions and visits will have varying start and finish times.

The Troop consists of 4 Patrols, each led by the Patrol Leader (PL) and deputised by an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL). Patrol Leaders are responsible for maintaining order within their Patrol by setting good examples of dress and behaviour. These positions are filled on application at the appropriate time.



Scout Promise:

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people and to keep the Scout Law.

Scout Law:

A Scout is to be trusted

A Scout is loyal

A Scout is friendly an considerate

A Scout belongs to the world-side family of Scouts

A Scout has courage in all difficulties

A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property

A has self-respect and respect for others


The Scout Salute:

Use the salute as a sign of friendship

Use it when you meet Scout Leader or other leaders

Use it at Flag Break at the start of the meeting

A Salute at Shoulder Height is called the Scout sign


Be Prepared is the Scout Motto – are you prepared for anything?


Scout Handshake

Always with the left hand. This is because in Africa, shaking the left hand was a sign of great trust as you had to put down your shield but allow the person you are meeting to keep his spear in his right hand !!


The Flag Break

Takes place at the start of meeting with the patrols formed up and facing the Scout Leadership team.  A Scout normally, but not always a Patrol Leader, will be asked to “break”, i.e. open, the Union flag, once the Scout Leader has brought the Troop to attention.  When the flag has been opened, i.e. broken, the Scout who broke the flag will take two steps back and the Troop will salute the flag.  The Scout will return to their Patrol position and the Scout Leader will start the evening.


Closing Ceremony

This takes place at the end of the Troop meeting. Similar to the opening Flag Break the Scout who broke the flag will lower it.  The Patrols will be formed up and the selected Scout will walk to the flag and lower the flag ensuring the flag doesn’t touch the ground.  (We would not like to surrender would we!!).  Once the flag is lowered the Scout takes two steps back, however, there is no salute on this occasion.  The Scout returns to his Patrol place and the Scout Leader will make announcements, followed by a Scout leading a closing prayer or thought.



The final act of a Troop meeting or camp is the dismissal.  The Scout Leader will say “Troop dismissed” and all Scouts, including Leaders, will make a turn to the right and salute.  At this point the troop meeting or camp is finished.


The Scout Section Programme

Within the Troop, we follow the Scout Association's programme for the Scout Section.  The programme consists of a range of activities, which we aim to cover when planning it using a variety of methods. In addition there is a very large number of badges and awards which Scouts can gain (see the badge section later).


Joining the Troop

Before you are truly a member of the Scout Troop you must be invested.  This is an important occasion when you will make the Scout Promise - this is the same promise that every Scout, Explorer and Adult takes when they join the Scout Movement.  This will be followed by stating the Scout Law.  The Scout need not be nervous as the Scout Leader will lead the Scout through the Promise and Law if required.  Parents and friends are most welcome to attend the investiture. 


Before you are invested, you will also need to buy your Scout uniform (see later). 


Troop Night

We start at 7:30pm - please arrive on time so we can start the meeting promptly. Scouts must NOT arrive before 7:20pm and MUST be handed over to a Scout Leader. This also applies to outside events – Scouts must be delivered to the meeting place. If there is a meeting away from the Hut, Scouts MUST arrive on time at the meeting place as we WILL leave promptly. Two Leaders must be present before you can leave your child either at the hut or at an event.

The meeting starts with flagbreak. If you are late, please wait quietly until flagbreak is finished. Before flagbreak there will be a uniform inspection then the flagbreak, after which we normally start the evening with a game, before moving on to the main activity of the evening.  We try to run a wide range of activities, from Scout challenges, guest speakers, wide games, cooking, outings, etc.  Towards the end of the evening, notices will be announced, and Scouts will be dismissed around 9:15pm.  All notices will be sent out to the parents and Scouts via e-mail.

Scouts must be collected by an Adult or can walk/cycle home by themselves with prior written agreement with the Scout Leader. If someone else is collecting your child, make sure everyone knows (including the Scout). Leaders don’t deliver uncollected Scouts!

Of course, sometimes the activity for a particular week cannot follow this format, especially if we are going to be away from the hut.  If we will be meeting at a different place or time to usual, an email with the details will be emailed out a week or two before.  If you miss a week or don't get an email, make sure you find out from a friend or from one of the leaders what is going on!


Outings and Outdoor activities

An integral part of Scouting are night hikes, incident hikes, treasure hunts etc. where the Scouts in patrols are away from the Hut working under minimal supervision.  It is a requirement of the Scouts that you have agreed to your Scout undertaking activities in their patrols with minimal Leader supervision.  As these are part of the Scout programme permission will be assumed unless a parent has written to us and discussed the matter with the Scout Leadership team.

Fun events like a water activity day or an evening trip for ten pin bowling, quasar or a visit to watch the scouts in the gang show will take place.  These events need to be paid for and parents/guardians will be given reasonable advance notice of the cost and date for the return of a reply slip.


Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders

The selection of Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders of the Troop is not always based on age, but if an individual is ready they may be invited to lead or deputise for a Patrol Leader. Any Scout who is looking to achieve PL/APL is likely to be a regular troop night and camp attendee who is progressing through the Scout Challenge badges.