2015 Quiz Night


Do you remember Lionel Richie’s 1980s mega-hit Hello? And would you recognize the flags of Myanmar or North Korea? If the answer is yes, then hopefully you were at the 2nd Harpenden Scout Group’s annual Quiz Night on Jan 30.

Already an annual fixture in the calendars of Beaver/Cub/Scout parents, this year’s quiz night was the most successful yet. We raised £700 pounds for the 2nd Harpenden Scouts, thanks to 60 people who braved the cold from 7.30 pm, ready to test their general knowledge – and have a glass of wine!

If Les and Sally were not professional quizmasters no one would have known it. The questions came thick and fast – as did the groans and whispered consultings from all the tables. Who is the singer topping the UK charts at the moment? Which was the highest grossing film of all time? Time flew by and it was time for chili con carne – what better meal for a cold January evening? The aroma from the chili wafted through the hut as team-members queued up with their plates and soon all that could be heard was the clink of cutlery and appreciative murmurs (Thank you Petra Gamble!).

So where does Lionel Richie come in?

After watching the Hello video clip (was it really that long ago???) the teams were invited to sculpt Lionel Richie’s head from clay. Beaver Leader Nicci demonstrated her prowess, winning the round for her team. (here is her effort)

But it was another team that pipped Nicci’s to take first prize (a huge box of chocolates). Victory was theirs, however, by just one point!

For all those who missed the fun, there’s always next year. And in case you were wondering, this is what the Myanmar and North Korean flags look like:

Flag of Myanmar.svg         2000px-Flag of North Korea.svg