What better way to mark the end of summer than a walk through the lovely Hertfordshire countryside? Especially if it also happens to be the fourth anniversary of the Second Harpenden Scouts’ Group, a whole crowd of friends is coming along and there’s also a barbecue at the end of it. That was what a whole group of scouts, cubs, beavers and their parents (and some dogs) did last weekend (Sept 21).


The Second Harpenden group met at the scout hut at 2 pm and set off for the hike, walking first across the Lea river then along the Nikki Line, up past Mackereye End and then through the woods back towards Batford. If summer was over, on this warm sunny afternoon with fields humming with bees, no one would ever have guessed.

Despite a bit of grumbling from some of the children on the home stretch, no one – as Group Leader Phil Murray put it earlier – seemed to have “wimped out” of the 5 km hike!

Luckily for the hikers, bottles of cold squash (as well as beer and wine!) were chilling on ice at the hut, barbecues were being fired up and a row of volunteers were soon flipping burgers and turning sausages. A queue of cubs and beavers holding paper plates soon built up – parents were not too far behind!

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Some even managed to get some work done, Phil points out. An AGM was held, “sandwiched between a bracing walk and rewarding barbecue” he says, calling the afternoon “a roaring success”. Most attendees would probably agree.

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